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October 23 2017

not to be too nsfw but i am so fucking in love

October 22 2017



me: thinks about u

me: :D (that’s me smiling big)

@groove-patrol @amirrorcalledthemoon



not gonna name names but ive got some top quality friends……rare holographic edition pals……wouldnt u like to know


little spoon or big spoon? satin or flannel? hot chocolate or tea? socks or slippers? kisses or hugs? blankets or pillows? white noise or asmr? midnight snack or glass of water at your bedside?

October 20 2017

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Brighton, UK

im a simple man. when i see my dnd dice, i get the near irresistible urge to eat them just like everyone else

im gonna make a truly obnoxious amount of curry tonight its gonna be lit

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Someone can dream, right?

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Self-indulgent brotzly picture (more to come /o/)

October 19 2017

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did you know that Friday 13th was meant to be a really good lucky day meant for fucking because it was dedicated to Freyja, the goddess of love and fertility and the patron goddess of Fridays

but then Christianity found out about it and were like “Fucking???? outside of marriage????? NO NO NO!!!” and decided it was a horrible terrible bad unlucky day and you need to be super careful of everything you do in case you die or some shit.

so thanks Christians for ruining everyone’s fucking fun

Petition to bring back Friday the FUCKteenth.



gluttony: blue apron

sloth: casper mattresses

pride: squarespace

lust: meundies

naturebox: naturebox

envy: audible

wrath: the podcasts themselves

October 18 2017

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Fem. D i r k G e n t l y

You think I’m talking nonsense, but I’m not. Listen. In the past, people would stare into the fire for hours when they wanted to think. Or stare at the sea. The endless dancing shapes and patterns would reach far deeper into our minds than we could manage by reason and logic. You see, logic can only proceed from the premises and assumptions we already make, so we just drive round and round in little circles like little clockwork cars. We need dancing shapes to lift us and carry us.

@aceabed @aceabed @aceabed @aceabed @aceabed @aceabed @aceabed @aceabed @aceabed

now loading... dog...

October 17 2017

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(from my fic i wrote in april)


October 16 2017

what the FUCK is happening in london right now the sky is so weird but it’s not getting picked up on any of my cameras at all

October 14 2017

okay so if spoons are spell slots


some ableist fool who knows naught of magic: if you’re so tired, how come you can [stim/talk about special interest/scroll through tumblr]– you must be faking! you just don’t want to do it

me, a master wizard: those are my cantrips you knave

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