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June 14 2017

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Every Character I Love: Troy Barnes

First time I got punched in the face, I was like oh no, then I was like this is a story.

i really need to update my about and tags and theme and stuff at some point bc i’ve been meaning to but then as soon as i have time i’m like [lauren lopez voice] i dont really wanna do the work today

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“I’m staring at the sky.
But I can’t tell which way my thoughts are travelling”

by Davide Carovana

if you would be so kind as to reblog this if you feel insecure about your writing skills.

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crabs are here

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What kind of fruit is this?!


when i see people getting mad arguing about book dirk vs stephen mangan dirk vs sam barnett dirk

we haven’t had bread in the house for a week and i’ve never been happier to be eating cheese on toast

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I have no idea if anyone feels the need for more pride flag colored bees, but here is a few more.

UPDATE: i guess there was a need so MORE BEES.

June 13 2017

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Кот, который не доверяет прозрачным столам…

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i wasn’t gonna do anything for brotzly week and then i read @dont-offend-the-bees lovely fic and it was?? the cutest thing??? 

June 12 2017

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constantly gravitating towards you

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